Mango Mousse

April 30, 2015  Jenophene Avatar
Mango Mousse


1 Mango pulp 14 oz
1/2 Contensed Milk 14 oz
1 Cool Whip Cream 8 oz
2 Mango Jello 3 oz
In a heavy bottomed bowl add the cool wipe. Using a blender ultill you get soft peaks.  Now slowly incorporate the contensed milk take a good mix add the mango pulp little at a time to the cream mixture.  Boil the 2 cup water add mango jello and add 2 cup of cold water stir well.  Now take the mango jello liquid add the cream mixture. mix together.  Fold well untill the entire thing has been blended well into the mixture.  The mango moussemixture should be smooth without any lumps
Pour the mango mouse mixture into a nice bowl and store in the refrigerator for 5-6 hours or until the mango mousse has become firm.


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